Founded in the last century, Spirit Invest and its directors have been professionally involved in listed and unlisted companies, predominately within the financial services sector, for well over four decades. The company is wholly owned by The Spirit Organisation (TSO), which is itself a private and independent company operating in a number of different jurisdictions. Since its inception, Spirit Invest has steadfastly stood by its motto ‘Investors in Intellect’, as this defines the businesses within its portfolio, as well as the people who manage and work within these numerous independent and professional businesses.

Spirit Invest has owned, managed and been a material investor in listed companies in the UK and South Africa. Spirit Invest has grown substantially since the turn of this century and collectively manages and administers over $3,000,000,000 of assets, on behalf of several thousand clients and investors. Spirit Invest operates via a number of holding companies under the groups Orion brand, each one of these holding companies specialises in a particular investment field. For more information on these holding companies please visit Orion Investment Managers, Orion Wealth Managers and Orion Property Managers.

With operations, partners and professional associates in numerous jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Mauritius and Ireland.  Spirit Invest’s broad footprint has enabled all clients, within its many subsidiaries, to benefit from the highly professional and experienced staff employed within them.

Spirit Invest has consistently grown each and every year of its existence while always embodying its motto 'Investors in Intellect'.