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Governance and compliance section

Spirit Invest Fiduciary Services is governed by a raft of legislation including: the Administration of Estates Act (1965), the Wills Act (1953), the Intestate Succession Act (1987), the Income Tax Act, the Estate Duty Act, the Property Law Act, the Maintenance Act and the Customary Marriages Act. Thus, it is critical for us to remain abreast of all relevant legislation and regulation, not only for purposes of compliance, but to ensure that our clients receive the highest levels of service.

In this regard, we are guided by the principles, ethos and objectives espoused by the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa. We support fully, endorse and subscribe to FISA’s core ethical principles, namely: Integrity and Diligence. We undertake to uphold these principles in all our business actions and relationships.

We adhere to FISA’s principles of integrity which requires, “complete honesty, fairness, objectivity, independence of thought and behaviour and an avoidance of, or, if unavoidable and appropriate, proper behaviour with regard to conflicts of interest.”

Further, Spirit Invest subscribes fully to the core principle of diligence which requires “knowledge, competence, confidentiality, and personal financial stability.”

Spirit Invest’s administrators are members of FISA are bound by and committed to uphold these principles in general and through adherence to the specific provisions of the Institute’s Code of Conduct.